David Chang
Software developer at K20 Center. Studying Computer Science at University of Oklahoma. Lives in Norman, Oklahoma.

overdue May 12 update

Hey guys – eek. It has been a while, hasn’t it? Though, to be honest, I’m not sure how long this site will be up and running. It’s been almost a year since dchang.me “launched,” and I’ve moved things over to davidandsuzi.com, so I might not renew this domain, though dchang.me certainly is catchy, and…

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at the end of the day… i feel the weight of my heart and know that i’m not such a big deal as i think i am. only on rare nights, do i slow down enough to realize the world not spinning around me, my trivial obsessions going by unnoticed and inconsequential to the world….

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palm sunday reflections

hey guys – i felt compelled to update, so here’s a post if you were wondering – even better, I’ll outline in bullet points for easy consumption: in a book club at Amazon over “From the Garden to the City” by John Dyer (professor at DTS). the book is about how technology fits into the…

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what I learned after graduating

Last May, I received some surprising news: I learned that I had I graduated (a week or two after missing the graduation) and I learned I had been kicked out of graduate school. As a typical Asian, I felt my failure at any level of education reflected poorly on my identity and value. To make…

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2011 in review (main)

here’s my annual recap of the year… i rarely say this, and i hope i really mean it, but i do feel like this is one of those years that i’ll remember because so much changed and i received a much larger picture of who God is, how much He has truly blessed me and…

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2011 in review (everything)

[perhaps a more comprehensive version of my year... i would instead recommend checking out the MAIN post] January 1-5 – CRU’s Winter Conference in Dallas, TX 14-17 – EPIC Anthology, also in Dallas, TX. got to room with Andrew Hsieh. David Choi was the speaker for the second straight year – good stuff. Suzi and…

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old and new friends

today had a slow start, though it featured my first run (around Green Lake) and another trip to Barnes & Noble. i got the chance to meet up with Tiffany Li, an old friend from an EPIC mission trip some four years ago in California. she took me to her church, Chinese Southern Baptist Church,…

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me and sex and other people

i don’t want to make myself out to be someone who has things together or who deserves to have had the victories in his life, especially in light of the comparable losses, struggles, and dysfunctions. in the past few weeks, i’ve been more face-to-face with my sexual sin than i have for much of my…

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when you encounter someone who comes off as arrogant or as a know-it-all, you really just want them to acknowledge their weaknesses and limitations and to be open to undergo character transformation. the actual end result isn’t as entirely important as watching that process of someone struggling against who they are and working towards who…

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life in seattle

I’ve been here in Seattle for just about one and a half days. Since arriving, I’ve been hit with a bit of ambivalence. San Francisco was nice… and comfortable, though not as comfortable as Tulsa or Norman. But I guess I feel like I had some kind of energy capacity I could spend towards learning…

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